Can be used any time in the growing season to loosen clay soils, minimize salt damage to plants and promote root growth. See our latest blog post on adjusting soil ph for lawns with Mag-I-Cal and loosening clay soils with Garden Gypsum for optimum lawn health.

Never apply fertilizers or amendments to frozen soil.

How much to use:

Garden Beds: Apply 6 lbs. per 30 square feet into top 6 inches of soil

Shrubs: Apply 3 lbs. (5 ¼ cups) per plant
Flowers: Apply 1 lb. (1 ¾ cups) per plant
Lawns: Apply 36 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. Double rate for exceptionally heavy clay.

How to apply:

For lawns a drop or broadcast spreader is recommended.  For garden applications sprinkle evenly on the soil surface.

Always water following the application