Brighten up Your Deck, Pool, or Patio

Are you looking for beauty that grows and changes, for years? 

Whether your existing gardens need a make-over or you’re looking for a fresh start. Whether you want four (or forty) beautiful, lush containers to brighten a deck, pool or patio; An herb-filled kitchen garden; a Napa Valley-style vegetable garden, sparked with compatible flowers—we can make it happen, quickly, easily and financially affordable.

Bringing Beauty to Your Property in Brand-New Ways

Also, at Madison Earth Care, we believe that the beauty of your property can be complemented in many ways. A great and easy way to do this is with the addition of one, or two, or ten, of out incredible seasonal containers. We specialize in creating high quality container plantings of all scales that will add to the appearance and value of your home, no matter the season.

Let Melissa’s team at Madison Earth Care come and help out. Garden design, garden and container planting, weeding, watering, deadheading, thinning/splitting and transplanting are all the services that make the difference between a nice garden and a beautiful one!

Call Melissa at 203-421-4358 for an appointment and free estimate…Begin your garden’s transformation today.

Call 203-421-4358 for a Free Estimate or Consultation on Your Perennial Garden!
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